SSC Subcommittee on Women's Health Issues in Thrombosis and Hemostasis

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This SSC Subcommittee is focused on clinical syndromes of thrombosis and hemostasis related to women at various stages and/or associated with normal or complicated pregnancy or postpartum period. This SSC also focuses on the laboratory parameters of coagulation and fibrinolysis that are influenced by hormones which may vary in adolescent girls and pregnancy. This SSC incorporates hematologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, laboratory scientists, and epidemiologists.

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  • To address issues of practical importance to the research community in the field.
  • To evaluate existing data, determine issues for which data is missing or deficient, identify areas of controversy or pressing clinical need and discuss methodologic approaches to answer questions raised.
  • To create international collaborations for the purpose of planning and executing projects related to the defined needs in the field.
  • To suggest or organize collaborative studies as a result of these activities.
  • To generate, publish and distribute communications, recommendations and other documents concerning the above.
  • To develop laboratory standards, methods, and nomenclature if appropriate.

If you are a member of the Society and would like to know how to participate in the work of this group, please join the group to receive updates on activity or submit an Expression of Interest Form to the Chairman or any of the Co-Chairmen. We would be pleased to learn of your interest.


  • Chair - Robert Sidonio Jr.
  • Co-chair - Cristina Belizna
  • Co-chair - Offer Erez
  • Co-chair - Elivira Grandone 
  • Co-chair - Rezan Abdul-Kadir 
  • Co-chair - A. Kinga Malinowski
  • Co-chair - Angela Weyand


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  • SSC Grants Application Deadline

  • The Editor-in-Chief Search is open and accepting applications

    All members of the Women's Health Issues in Thrombosis and Hemostasis Subcommittee are encouraged to strongly promote the EiC Search for JTH and RPTH. Kindly encourage qualified candidates to consider applying.  The deadline is September 16, 2022.
  • Request for Participation in the SSC project on Standardization of Thrombin Generation Assays

    Dear colleague,

    In 2018, the thrombin standardization group performed a survey on thrombin generation to make an inventory of the current (pre-analytical and analytical) practices used to measure thrombin generation.

    The questionnaire consisted of 51 questions, and in total 240 replies were collected (of which 45% were complete). We would like to thank everybody that participated to our survey. The collected data was analyzed and published by de Laat-Kremers et al. in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

    (Romy M.W. de Laat-Kremers, Marisa Ninivaggi, Katrien M.J. Devreese, Bas de Laat. Towards standardization of thrombin generation assays: inventory of thrombin generation methods based on results of an ISTH SSC survey. J Thromb Haemost 2020; 18:1893-1899).

    Following this publication, we formed a working group and provided recommendations for the standardized measurement of thrombin generation (Marisa Ninivaggi, Romy de Laat-Kremers, Armando Tripodi, Denis Wahl, Stephane Zuily, Yesim Dargaud, Hugo ten Cate, Vera Ignjatović, Katrien M.J. Devreese (equally last author), Bas de Laat. Recommendations for the Measurement of Thrombin Generation: Communication from the ISTH SSC Subcommittee on Lupus anticoagulant/Antiphospholipid Antibodies. J Thromb Haemost 2021;19: 1332-1378).

    For the next step in our thrombin generation standardization project, we would like to ask the participation of various laboratories worldwide to test the standardized protocol in practice. For this purpose, we will distribute the standardized protocol, as well as 3 different lyophilized plasma samples that differ in coagulation potential. We ask to measure these samples according to the laboratory's in-house protocol and the recommended standardized protocol. We would also like to ask the laboratories to include their own normal pooled plasma, if available. All data will be collected, analyzed and published.
    If you are interested in this project and would like to participate, please send an email to, and we will send more detailed information about the practical aspects of this study. We appreciate to receive your response before September 30th.

    Thank you in advance on behalf of the Scientific and Standardization committee on LA/aPL and the thrombin generation standardization group,

    Best regards,

    Bas de Laat, Katrien Devreese, Marisa Ninivaggi

    Principal investigators of the project

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